Online conferences, exhibition consolidation and new exhibitor requirements 

The digitalization trend has brought a lot of changes to everyone's life - the way we work, how we communicate and meet has changed. Digital transformation has changed the scope of exhibitions and business events. For example, in the West, there are fewer events where exhibitors meet with visitors face to face. Thanks to technology, there are many ways to conduct small business meetings online, without spending money on flights, rent and other usual items of expenditure.

At the same time, large exhibitions continue to grow - this is another trend. Small events do not survive alone, but the need for personal business contacts remains. Exhibitions are universally united, accumulating a customer base. Themes of conferences and expositions are expanding and becoming more attractive for a wide range of visitors.

Analysts have found that by 2025, 75% of the world's workforce will consist of Generation Y, born between the 1980s and the late 1990s. And they will have completely different requirements for exhibitions than exhibitors and visitors 20 years ago. All this leads exhibition organizers to the need to change - as soon as possible - and use the maximum of modern technology today. visit-