where to hold the exhibition. 

Cities around the world are constantly evolving, offering exhibition and business event organizers new and increasingly exciting opportunities for unforgettable events. Thinking about the next exhibition, consider all possible locations. Look at alternative sites. How they can surprise you, we will tell you in the Protoplan blog.

Over the past decades, cities around the planet have changed a lot. Many got rid of industrial neighborhoods and turned them into modern and sought-after areas and public spaces. Gentrification - reconstruction and renewal - is now widely debated in the context of urban development and housing. And it affects the business sector. More precisely - the scope of business meetings and exhibitions.

In former industrial areas, new public spaces and lofts are constantly appearing - unusual, and therefore very attractive, venues for exhibitions, conferences and business meetings. Cheap rental, original design of the premises attract exhibition organizers and exhibitors. They joyfully transport their offices to such spaces. And we are ready to meet there in the format of exhibitions and congresses.

In the West, of course, this process is faster. Great examples of new business districts that sprang up in former factories, ports, and warehouses are easy to find in New York, Atlanta, London, Amsterdam, and Berlin.

How to benefit from the process of gentrification exhibition organizers and exhibitors? And how not to forget about online?

Original and spacious rooms for exhibitions and business events

Choose buildings with a history and interesting architecture, they open up a lot of possibilities - high ceilings, brick walls, a lot of air and natural light turn old rooms into fashionable loft exhibition halls in which the audience will be pleased to be. One inspiring example can be seen in the Dutch The Hague, where the school of aircraft engineering was turned into a conference center.The Fokker terminal, a 2,000-square-meter hangar, has undergone extensive reconstruction and is now being offered as a multi-purpose venue for exhibition and congress organizers. In this huge loft, 17 small rooms were built, which can serve as meeting rooms, recreation rooms, and cafes. The charm of the old hangar continues to live in the Fokker terminal. And two original hangar doors that did not begin to be dismantled,

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